Friday, September 16, 2005

Analogy Between Roads and Wireless Internet

I wish the United States would decided to follow Canada's lead and build a nationwide wireless network. . . . . link.

Last night, I watched a program detailing the urban renewal efforts in NYC after WWII, which focused understandably on Robert Moses. The show features some clips of Moses, discussing the importance of building roads through NY, as a means of fostering the growing U.S. Auto industry.

Today, the same principals should apply. Instead of building a nationwide network of roads, we should be building a nationwide wireless-network. After the birth of the internet and the United States lead in developing internet-based commerce, I think its imperative to our national economy that the United States build such "roads."

If we lag on such an initiative, instead of shaping the internet development, we might find ourselves struggling to regain control. History may not repeat itself, but its important to notice such patterns . . .


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